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False Alarm Software - False Alarm Billing & Tracking

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Digital Design Group's False Alarm Data Management System automates the
 job of administering and enforcing false alarm reduction ordinances.

Our False Alarm Software maintains up-to-date information on Alarm Sites, Alarm Permits, Emergency
Contacts, Dispatches, Alarm Companies and Revenues.  The system is designed from the ground up
to meet the needs of a wide
range of jurisdictions and false alarm ordinances.  Our False Alarm Billing
and Tracking Software is used by police departments in Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts,
Minnesota, Ohio and Texas.

  • The alarm billing and tracking system automatically bills permit renewals and calculates and
    invoices false alarm dispatch fees;

  • A single form allows you to view all information about an alarm site including permittee, phone
    contacts, past dispatches to the site, history of all payments, and associated documents
    and images;

  • Quickly find alarm sites by permit number, address, permittee name, business name, or CAD ID;

  • Professional design features eliminate unnecessary work, save time, prevent errors and improve
    data integrity.
    Items such as Street Names, Call Type, Alarm Classification, Cause of False Alarm
    and Responding Officers are selected from pull-down lists which are easily customized by your staff.

  • DDG's false alarm reduction software fully integrates all functions including printing invoices and
    letters to permittees and revenue accounting.  There is no need to employ additional word
    processing and accounting software.

  • If you are upgrading from an existing false alarm computer tracking system, we can import data
    from FAAP (False Alarm Analysis Program) and virtually any other database.

Alarm Permits

   The false alarm computer system maintains a database of all alarm sites and permits including officer hazards and an unlimited number of phone contacts per site.

   Quickly finds and displays information on Alarm Sites by Permit Number, Street Address, Business Name, Owner Name, or CAD ID.

   Automatically computes permit renewal fees and prints Alarm Permit Renewal Notices & Invoices.

   Generates notices and delinquent letters for non-permitted alarm sites and expired permits.

   Allows for placing locations on "deny response" status.

   Allows for waiving alarm permit fees for seniors, government agencies, domestic violence, and other reasons.


   The false alarm computer software tracks detailed information on all false alarm dispatches including the cause of each false alarm.

   Automatically computes the number of past false alarm dispatches to a location, and using the terms of the local alarm ordinance, determines whether a false alarm dispatch fee is due and the dollar amount of the fee.

   Invoices chargeable false alarm dispatches and tracks receivables until paid.

   Readily displays detailed information on all past dispatches to an alarm site.

   The FADMS CAD Dispatch Module imports CAD dispatch records, eliminating the need to reenter dispatch data stored in the CAD database.

   Hardcopy reports of dispatches by Alarm Site, Alarm Company, or Beat.

   Statistical reports of false alarms by Call Type (Burglar, Robbery, Panic, Duress, Fire, etc.)Alarm Company, Permittee, Beat, Cause of False Alarm, Hour of Day, Day of Week, etc.


    The Cash Receipts Journal maintains a record of all payments received for permit fees, false alarm dispatch and other related fees.

    One-step process to enter permit renewal payments and update permit expiration dates.

    Readily displays all permit and false alarm dispatch payments for an alarm site.

    The false alarm accounting module prints detailed and summary financial reports of income by revenue source and reporting period.

    Reconciles payment entries with funds received.

    Statements and Aged Accounts Receivables Reports of unpaid billings.

Alarm Companies, Monitoring Companies & Alarm Agents

    The false alarm reduction software also maintains a database of Alarm Companies, Monitoring Companies, and Alarm Agents doing business in your jurisdiction including business license information and contacts.

Activities & Tickler Module

    The Activities/Tickler module documents activities and issues pertaining to an alarm site and tracks outstanding tasks until completed.

CAD Interface

    The CAD Dispatch Module imports CAD false alarm dispatch records, eliminating the need to reenter data already stored in the CAD database.  During the transfer process, the system performs automatic validation checks and allows the user to monitor data as it is transferred to the false alarm tracking database.

Microsoft Windows User Interface

    Our  false alarm tracking system uses a standard Microsoft Windows user interface and is designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system.