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False Alarm Reduction

As we all know, dispatches to false security alarms are a costly waste of public
safety resources and can result in harm to law enforcement officers.  At a national
level, it's a multi-billion dollar problem.

Fortunately, the number of false alarms can be significantly reduced as properly
designed, installed, maintained, and operated security alarm systems produce very
few false alarms.  It is not uncommon for such systems to average less than one
false alarm per year.

False Alarm Reduction programs work by creating incentives for alarm users and
alarm companies to take the actions necessary to address problem alarm sites,
and by assisting alarm users with guidance and educational materials.

Actions taken by alarm installers to reduce false alarms include security system
inspections and repairs and additional user training on the proper use of alarm

Alarm monitoring companies can also reduce the number of false alarm dispatches
by employing
Enhanced Call Verification, which requires a minimum of two
attempts to contact the alarm owner before requesting a dispatch.

The centerpiece of a jurisdiction's False Alarm Reduction program is an effective
and efficient
False Alarm Reduction Ordinance, and Digital Design Groupís
False Alarm Reduction Software will help by minimizing staff time required to
enforce such an ordinance.

A well-designed and administered False Alarm Reduction program will:

  • Decrease the number of annoying false alarms;

  • Reduce the cost of responding to false alarms;

  • Free up patrol officers for more productive tasks;

  • Recover the cost of responding to false alarms by collecting false alarm
    dispatch fees from alarm sites with excessive numbers of false alarms;

  • Pay the cost of administering the false alarm reduction ordinance by
    collecting false alarm dispatch fees and modest alarm registration fees;

  • Assist officers responding to real alarms by maintaining a database of
    accurate up-to-date information on alarm sites, hazardous conditions at
    each site, and emergency contacts.

Digital Design Group's False Alarm Reduction Software will help you
accomplish these goals in an efficient cost-effective manner.