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False Alarm Reduction Software

Alarm Site Permits

The Permit Module maintains information on all alarm sites and permits in your
 jurisdiction and automates the permit renewal process.

     Maintains a database of all Alarm Sites and Permits including officer safety
     conditions and an unlimited number of phone contacts per site.

     Readily finds and displays information on Alarm Sites by Permit Number, Street
     Address, Business Name or Permittee.

     Prefills alarm site addresses with addresses from your CAD database.

     Automatically prints Permit Renewal Notices and computes, bills, and tracks
     the payment of permit renewal fees.

     Tracks expired permits and un-permitted alarm locations.

     Allows for placing alarm sites on "deny response" status.

     Allows for waiving permit fees for government buildings and court-ordered security

     Allows you to store and display correspondence, photos, and other documents.