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FAAP - False Alarm Analysis Program

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FAAP - False Alarm Analysis Program


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False Alarm Data Management System

Several of our clients had tried using other software to administer their false alarm
reduction programs before upgrading to our professional False Alarm Software.

Some jurisdictions had developed their own in-house alarm billing software and
others had been using the free FAAP (False Alarm Analysis Program) software.

While the legacy systems were trying and time-consuming, the old databases
contained valuable information on Alarm Sites, Emergency Contacts, Alarm
, and False Alarm Dispatches.

When upgrading to our false alarm reduction software, there is no need to manually
re-enter your existing data as this information can be transferred electronically.

We have developed efficient software to automatically convert and import data
from the FAAP Account, Account Contact, Alarm Company, Alarm Company
Contact, and Alarm tables.

During the conversion process, we will work with you to clean up duplicate and
inconsistent data such as misspelled street and alarm company names and
eliminate unnecessary obsolete data.

We can import alarm data from FAAP and virtually any other existing database.