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False Alarm Software - False Alarm Billing and Tracking System


DDG's false alarm reduction software includes many standard reports, and the user can create custom
queries and reports using information stored in the FADMS database.

Many reports allow the user to specify criteria for selecting records that will be included in the report. For
example, rather than having different reports for listing daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly activities, the
user is prompted to specify the beginning and ending dates for the time period covered by the report.

Multiple selection criteria can be specified.  For example, if you wish to view all false alarms for a specific
alarm company that occurred during January 2008, in addition to selecting January 2008, use the Alarm
Company drop-down list to select the desired alarm company.

Reports generated by the false alarm reduction system may also be exported as Microsoft Word or Excel


Examples of FADMS Standard Reports


Print Alarm Permit Certificates

List Permits

Permit Renewal Notices

Delinquent Renewal Notices

Final Delinquent Renewal Notices

Letters to Non-permitted Alarm Sites

Bulk e-mails to Permittees

Permit Statistics

Alarm Sites Denied Response

Permits with Fees Waived

Active Permits by Expiration Date

List Permits by Alarm Company

Permit Statistics


Detail Report of Revenues Received

Summary Report of Revenues Received

Revenues by Type of Remittance

Aged Accounts Receivable

Holding Accounts


List Alarm Dispatches

Alarm Dispatch Statistics

False Alarm Ratings by Alarm Company

Warning Letter Sent after max number
  of free dispatches

False Alarm Dispatch Fee Invoices

Delinquent Dispatch Fee Statements

Delinquent Dispatch Fee Second Notice

Delinquent Dispatch Fee Final Notice

CAD Dispatches


Alarm Companies

Alarm Company Letters

Alarm Company License Renewal Notices

Schedule of Fees

Staff List

Codes List


Activities by Permit

Uncompleted Activities