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False Alarm Reduction Software

False Alarm Accounting

FADMS includes an integrated accounting module to track and report on all false
alarm program revenues.

False alarm revenues are comprised of new permit fees, permit renewal fees, false alarm
dispatch fees, alarm company license fees and other miscellaneous payments.

Our false alarm reduction software includes a variety of accounting reports to list revenues
by date and source of revenue, and to generate statements of unpaid billings.  The Aged
Accounts Receivable Report lists unpaid fees by the number of days delinquent.

When viewing information on an alarm site,  you can rapidly view a history of all payments
received from that site by clicking on the Payments Tab located at the top of the form.

False Alarm Payments Data Entry

FADMS simplifies the process of entering payments received by pre-filling data fields and
automating procedures where possible .  For example, when a payment is entered to renew
a permit for another year, in addition to recording
the the payment, the system will automatically
update the Permit record with the Permit Renewal Date and the new Permit Expiration Date.

Fully Integrated False Alarm Billing and Tracking Software

DDG's false alarm software is a fully integrated billing and tracking system that will manage all
aspects of your false alarm reduction program.  All information on Alarm Sites, Alarm Permits,
Alarm Companies, False Alarm Dispatches, Billings and Revenues is stored in a single relational
database, thereby eliminating the need for redundant and possibly inconsistent data.