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False Alarm Billing

Billing False Alarm Dispatches

The false alarm billing module automatically generates invoices for false alarm dispatches
according to the specific terms of your false alarm reduction ordinance and policies of your

Calculating False Alarm Dispatch Fees

For most jurisdictions which charge for responding to false alarms, fees are a function of the
number of previous false alarm dispatches to an alarm site during the time period specified
in the false alarm ordinance.

Our false alarm tracking and billing system stores your jurisdiction's rate structure, sums the
number of previous false alarms to the site, and determines the false alarm dispatch fees based
on the terms of your ordinance. If your fee structure changes, you simply update the system
with the new rates.

The false alarm billing system allows for different fee structures for burglar, robbery, and fire
and for different site classifications (residential, commercial, etc.).  The false alarm billing module
also handles matters such as credits for attending false alarm reduction class and other
circumstances which affect the fee.

Invoicing False Alarm Dispatch Fees

The false alarm software automatically generates invoices for all billable false alarms.  Invoices
are sorted by permittee and formatted so that the billing address is visible in a standard window

In addition to stating the fee for a new alarm, each invoice also lists all prior unpaid fees.

Invoices can be generated daily, weekly, monthly or at whatever frequency is most convenient
for your department.

Dispatch Statistics

Statistical reports provide information on alarm sites with the highest number of false alarms,
the causes of false alarms, the number of false alarms per beat and per alarm site, the average
number of false alarms per site for each alarm company, and other valuable management statistics.