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False Alarm Software

"This system has more than accomplished its goal of managing permits, contacts, revenues and dispatches in an efficient and productive manner."

   Records Manager, Snowmass Village Colorado PD

"You are not going to beat the price. I compared several false alarm software solutions before buying the FADMS software. This program has every bell and whistle the others had. The software is extremely helpful and very easy to use, and the tech support is by far superior to any company that we have contracts with.  I would strongly recommend this software and company to every police department."

  Chief, Attleboro Massachusetts PD

Digital Design Group's False Alarm Data Management System is an affordable, powerful and easy-to-use computer system for administering and enforcing False Alarm Reduction Ordinances. 

Digital Design Group is a professional software development firm founded in 1981.  Our first major system was awarded an Exemplary Systems in Government Award by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association.

Digital Design Group subsequently played a major role in the development and deployment of a national system which in the year 2000 was recognized by the US Department of Energy as one of the 100 best technical and scientific achievements in the departmentís 25-year existence.

Our False Alarm Tracking and Billing Software is used by Police Departments in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio and Texas.

Digital Design Group has been a member of the False Alarm Reduction Association since 2002.